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Let us take off some of the pressure in ordering, pricing out, and monitoring an ambulance. 1-800-Ambulance provides one number to call to arrange your next ground ambulance transport service. Our facility enables us to provide great rates for private pay transports and has the ability to monitor air ambulance flights so that they can meet the ground ambulance without worry. We are experts at coordinating medical travel and will work with hospitals, case managers, social workers, air ambulance companies, and many other to assist in getting your patients and loved ones to their destination.

Let one of our experts help you coordinate a(n):

  • • Ambulance

  • • Long-distance Ambulance

  • • Wheelchair Van Transport

  • • Stretcher Van

  • • Limo

We have a large network of providers that we are contracted with and are able to pass along that experience and savings to you.

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Long Beach Transportation Service

List of Companies that offer medical transportation services around the areas of Long Beach.They help patients who are under non-urgent conditions to reach the hospital by time. Just call them to know more about their medical facilities and billing information.

Angel's Care Medical Transportation

23517 Frigate Ave,
Carson, CA

Bowers Ambulance Service

3355 E Spring St Ste 301,
Long Beach, CA 90806

Devine Medical Transportation

860 E Carson St, Carson, CA

Edwards Ambulance Srvc

Long Beach, CA

Goodhew Ambulance Srvc

Long Beach, CA

Magic Carpet Ambulance Corp

Long Beach, CA 90745

Medix Ambulance Srvc Inc

Long Beach, CA 90745

Medicare Ambulance Service

2601 E Spring St,
Long Beach, CA 90806

Procare Ambulance Srvcs

Long Beach, CA 90745

Tricare Medical Transportation

22007 Brandi Ct,
Carson, CA

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